Create a Festive Entrance with Our 3D Present Box Floor Sticker Design

Create a Festive Entrance with Our 3D Present Box Floor Sticker Design
Create a Festive Entrance with Our 3D Present Box Floor Sticker Design

p>Create a festive and playful atmosphere with our 3D present box floor sticker design for store entrances. Our sticker features various patterned present boxes that pop out of the floor and draw attention to the entrance. Perfect for creating a gift-giving celebration.

Our design is placed on a smooth, tiled floor, and the presents are stacked on top of one another to create depth and perspective. This creates the illusion that the presents are popping out of the floor, making it the perfect design to draw attention to your store entrance.

Order now to create a playful invitation to your store and create a memorable experience for your customers.

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