The ONLY seamless method for staircase advertising graphics that does NOT destroy your artwork.

To successfully monetise the surface of a staircase and satisfy both the advertising client and consumers there is only one way. We invented it and we perfected it.

Invented by Shapeshifter Media, seamless StairGraphics have monetized countless staircases and set world records

Success with every step

Promotion companies, advertising agencies and specialised media companies are always on the lookout for innovative concepts for making advertising campaigns as effective as possible. The objective is to create a targeted and simultaneously extensive advertising presence, by locating the campaign on the most attractive advertising formats.

StairGraphics Staircase Advertising Steps Ad

Advertising on steps

Shapeshifter Media introduces Stair Graphics, enabling an innovative large format on an almost unused and widely available advertising location - staircases.

Advertising on staircases was previously uncommon, and only possible in the form of single step ads. With the use of our mathematical procedure and proprietary software, Stair Graphics now enable us to reproduce a larger-than-life 3D image across several steps and landings. The 2D or 3D image with Stair Graphics appears seamless, upright and can also feature additional three-dimensional effects.

Striking visual impact

Shapeshifter Media Stair Graphics transform a staircase into an exclusive advertising vehicle. Using our own software for precise re-calculation of any image for multi-step display, every design for StairGraphics on staircases is automatically adapted to suit the surface of any staircase.

On public, highly frequented staircases, as eye-catchers at trade fairs and events or as a TV-relevant advertising medium at sports matches and entertainment shows - advertising on steps with Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics allows you to exploit previously unused spaces, opening up entirely new possibilities for advertising communication.

StairGraphics comparison

The only method to display seamless images on staircases and monetise unused advertising space on stairs.
Without our method Before
Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics After
Without our method Before
Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics After

The ONLY method that does not destroy your image

  • available worldwide for all of your staircases
  • totally seamless apearance over any amount of steps
  • the only method to display an image over several landings of a staircase without destroying it (see comparison above)
  • the only method to display 3d imagery on staircases
  • can be printed with your local printing company and installed by local staff

Equipped with the dimensions of your staircase and your image, we deliver the printable data for your seamless StairGraphics within 48 hours.

See more examples of our worldwide installations in our gallery

How does it work ?

The specially developed software Stair Calculator uses the geometric details of a staircase to calculate the parts of the advertising layout to be reproduced for Stair Graphics, in minimum time. These modified parts are printed on high-quality materials and attached to the front surfaces of every step. StairGraphics appear as an impressive total 2D or 3D advertising design for every observer.

Shapeshifter Media Stair Graphics are the only advertising format for staircases & steps, that will save your advertising message from taking on a jagged "step-effect".

Stair Graphics require absolutely no additional aids such as frame systems or electrical supplies. StairGraphics can be removed without leaving the slightest trace at any time.

The seamless "method for representing an image on a stepped surface or staircase" is only available from Shapeshifter Media, the inventors of non-distorted StairGraphics..

StairGraphics Staircase Advertising Steps Ad

See StairGraphics in action

StairGraphics requirements

What do we need to create your StairGraphics ?

  • layered image data
  • the measures of the staircase
  • That's all ? Yes !

You will be provided with a printable file that can be printed and installed by your local printing company, surface owner or service supplier.

Installation of our StairgGraphics

Services for seamless 2D & 3D Stair Graphics

Seamless large format advertising on steps and staircases is easy and straight-forward with Shapeshifter Media.
Our services for Stair Graphics include :

  • finding the best key-components for your advertising campaign from your customer's base material
  • helping you to find the best staircases to use throughout your campaign
  • instructing you on all technical aspects and requirements for StairGraphics
  • creating different layouts for each staircase
  • applying our unique mathematical method to all imagery for your StairGraphics campaign, so every image fits a staircase seamlessly
  • creating high-resolution printable files for StairGraphics with die-cut, small visual index/serial number for each step plus overview
  • printing services through our partners throughout Europe
  • supplying you with information for location-based printing
  • supplying you with information and documents for the installation, cleaning and removal of StairGraphics

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