Hesse Police 3D Floorgraphic in Cinemas Entices Action-Movie Goers to Join the Force

Hesse Police 3D Floorgraphic in Cinemas Entices Action-Movie Goers to Join the Force
Hesse Police 3D Floorgraphic in Cinemas Entices Action-Movie Goers to Join the Force

Feast your eyes on an innovative 3D floorgraphic positioned at the bottom of an escalator, specifically\ targeting those descending after watching an action-packed movie in a German cinema. The Hesse police use this ambient media campaign as an exciting way to connect with potential recruits in their adrenaline-fuelled moments.

This cleverly designed 3D floor graphic invites cinema guests to apply for the police service by displaying the bold message "apply now" and featuring the catchy hashtag #polizeihessenkarriere. This evocative campaign showcases how 3D floor graphics can effectively extend an individual's experience and trigger action based on previous engagement.

  • Harnessing the power of action-driven scenarios
  • Touching a nerve with target audience
  • Innovative recruitment tactics for the police force

By tapping into the mindset of action-movie enthusiasts, the Polizei Hessen's 3D floorgraphic campaign successfully generates interest in potential careers with the police force. The immersive visual appeals to adventurers and thrill-seekers, encouraging them to consider the exciting opportunities within policing.

In conclusion, the creatively placed 3D floorgraphic in cinemas exemplifies the power of extending experiences and influencing individuals to take action. By approaching recruitment in an unconventional yet engaging manner, Polizei Hessen demonstrates how innovative strategies can capture the imagination and enthusiasm of their desired audience.

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