3D POS Media

Clever in-store solutions for point of sale marketing

Direct communication to the customer in purchase situations allows you to influence their decision-making at the right time. Tell them about the benefits of your products right in front of the retail shelf.

In the right place at the right time. Last-second purchase decisions made easy.

To spice up traditional advertising applications in POS environments, Shapeshifter Media has transformed traditional In-store marketing applications to 3D eye-catchers. Shapeshifter Media POS Media close the chain of advertising promotion right at the product shelf and make available valuable ambient media space.

Advertising at the cash-desk

Products that are sold at the store

The creative 3D designs on Checkout Media serve advertising campaigns for products, that are actually sold at the store. You will continuously raise the customer's awareness for your brand and thus, increase the sales of your products.

Check out specific products and services

The cash-desk is a great spot for selling various kinds of last-minute purchases, sweets, beverages and small goods. In addition, the cash-desk is the place where you can sign up for bonus-programs, special offers and buy prepaid sim-cards and accessories for your mobile phone.

Ambient Media Campaigns

Checkout Media are a great way to display ambient media campaigns for products and services that are not directly sold in the shop. This can include current movies and feature films, medical and insurance services or local services for cars or home improvement.

See more examples in our advertising gallery.

Aisle violators and danglers

Made as double-sided 3D shelf displays fro standalone campaigns, or quickly generated from your campaign with 3D FloorPosters, 3D shelf violators surely stand out.

Right in front your product

The competition of your brand with similar products happens right in the shelf. Placing this unique 3D ad format on eye-level makes impossible for your target audience to miss the advantages of your unique product.

Creative communication to your customer

To both inform your customer about your product or service and to present it in a highly convenient and entertaining way, Shapeshifter Media puts your brand in the right perspective. Adapted from our method for 3D FloorPosters, we create highly attractive designs for your POS Media campaign.

See more examples in our advertising gallery.

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