3D FloorGraphics Design

Adding a new dimension to your product presentation

The conversion of existing 2D advertising layouts for a campaign to 3D FloorGraphics requires a set of carefully executed steps. We'll do them all for you.

Based on your brand identity

Shapeshifter Media 3D FloorGraphics are based strictly on your company's or your client's corporate and brand identity. Our main priority is for your brand to be identifiable within a split second.

Focus on the key visual

While playing with the creative possibilities of a 3D advertising format, we keep the overall advertising message short and simple for a striking visual appearance and a quick response of the potential customer.

Choosing the best 3D components

A poster-size format for floorgraphics requires an eye-catching key visual and strong supporting elements. Based on your existing product-photos and designs, we will pick the best components for your 3D FloorGraphics layout.

All elements will be rebuilt as high-resolution 3D models for automated 3D processing and to show them from the perfect perspective for a 3D design.

Interacting with the Floor

The floor is your canvas, so play with it. Whether we use a die-cut to make your 3D floorgraphics really stand out from the background, add cracks or holes in the floor from which your product will rise or fall into or seamlessly blend in your layout with the actual ground texture or pattern - your 3d FloorGraphics shine on all levels.


2D to 3D conversion

To rebuild your product in 3D space and perform the claculations for FloorGraphics, we will use existing photos or technical drawings. The result is an accurate virtual representation of your product, that we can show from any angle without having to set up a costly photo-shoot.

This way we can alter the position, perspective, lighting setup and overall look and feel of any element at any time in the process. Late changes on the product-side, such as color definitions or new label-artwork, can be quickly applied to the existing layout.

Presentation and Reviews

We will provide you with several layouts of your 3D FloorGraphics for discussion and review with your client or creative department. Any number of adjustments to the existing 3D layout will come at no additional costs until a final layout has been chosen.

The final layout

The final 3D FloorGraphic will be created at a print-resolution of 150 - 300 DPI. After processing the high-resolution 3D layout with our method for anamorphic imagery, the 3D layout will be prepared for printing by adding vector-paths for die-cut or and additional white layer for 5C transparent printing.

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